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Increase the flow of your production with additions and remodeling. Maximize your factory or manufacturing plant with essential room additions, remodeling projects, and construction improvements. Ask about new construction from the ground up.

Upgrade your industrial building with the latest advancements.

Whether you want help with design plans or post-construction maintenance, you can count on our dependable team. Our locally-owned company proudly serves Chippewa Falls and its surrounding area. Always expect prompt and efficient help.

Let us take care of everything

Your industrial, commercial, and residential properties are built to last. Our educated staff uses cutting-edge technology paired with standard practices. Your project is always completed on time and within budget thanks to our unbeatable prices.

A commitment for quality

You need our first-rate expertise and resources to optimize your industrial site.

Hire our licensed, insured, and bonded professionals for your own protection and safety.

Over 45 years of experience

Create a productive workflow